IV therapies like the name implies require patients to have good veins and have wide ranging applications. To name a few we have IV nutrition, high dose vitamin C, DMSO, peroxide, ozone therapy, Chelation, CheZone therapy, IV Glutathione, IV Detox, IV Hydration, IV Rejuvenation, IV immune booster, and more.

It’s uses are:

IV NUTRITION: Debilitated, anemic or convalescent patients, post partum ladies.

ULTRAVIOLET BLOOD PHOTO BIOLOGICAL THERAPY Ultraviolet blood photo biological therapy is a therapy where a small amount of your blood is exposed to UV light and then returned to your body. This therapy has been shown to help with acute and chronic infections and inflammations, cardiovascular disorders and neutralization of organic or chemical toxins in your blood.

HIGH DOSE VITAMIN C: Based on  the discoveries of Nobel prize Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling on the antioxidant and immune supporting characteristics of ascorbic acid. Acute infections especially colds, influenza and as immune support in the treatment of cancer, along with other therapies.

DMSO: For disorders involving high degree of inflammation and pain such as arthritis by itself or in combination with other agents.

IV PEROXIDE: Immune support, acute infections and antibiotic resistant infections.

OZONE THERAPY: This therapy as it is done with the patient’s own blood is also called MAH. It exerts many different beneficial effects on the body simultaneously. It is a great detoxification healer, immune regulator, oxygenator of cells and tissues, stimulates our own antioxidant enzyme system, makes red blood cells more flexible making our blood more able to circulate to decrease congestion and inflammation. It also increases the production of energy inside the cells which helps repair cells that are still viable and produce a healing effect and increase in energy and well being. Because of all these beneficial effects ozone therapy is a very important part in the treatment of most chronic disorders such as auto-immune disorders, like rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, multiple sclerosis, also adrenal fatigue syndrome, chronic infections such as Lyme, bronchitis, herpes zoster, genital herpes, hepatitis, immune deficiency disorders, circulatory and heart disorders, diabetes, macular degeneration. Ozone therapy has a very safe record. The process takes about 1 hour and it involves drawing from 100cc to 250 cc of the patient’s venous blood into a sterile bag. Then the blood is mixed with the ozone and returned to the vein from which it was drained.

CHELATION THERAPY: Another very useful therapy, Chelation uses an amino acid to “chelate” or grab toxins and accumulated calcium plaque and metals out of the body through the organs of elimination. For these reasons we use it to treat occluded arteries, as detoxifier of heavy metals in people with chronic and/ or auto-immune disorders, smokers, drinkers, and people with previous or actual exposure to environmental toxins, hypertension, angina, and coronary artery disorder, people who already had a heart attack or cerebral thromboembolism and as preventive for these cardio vascular disorders.

CHEZONE: This therapy was devised by Dr. Frank Shallenberger and makes use of the synchrony between ozone therapy in tandem with Chelation. It improves results over either ozone or Chelation done individually for chronic disorders, cardiovascular disorders, or disorder where high amount of toxicity exits.

IV GLUTATHIONE: This therapy uses the best endogenous  (native to the body) antioxidant that there is made in the liver and other organs along with oral agents. It is useful in liver disorders and degenerative neurologic disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, because it is a protector of the brain against free radical damage.

IV DETOX: This includes detox by Chelation, CheZone, Ozone, DMPS and others whereby detoxifying our internal environment our cells, tissue, organs have a much better functioning which helps achieve a healthy balance to regain our health.

IV HYDRATION: Like its name implies the use of fluids, minerals, vitamins help in cases of dehydration or exposure to the elements, diarrhea or in depletion of blood volume.

IV REJUVENATION: This is achieved by using Ozone, CheZone, and specific minerals and vitamins to replenish lost vigor and energy in disorders of malnutrition, mal-absorption or senility

IV IMMUNE BOOSTERS: Uses specific minerals and vitamins to improve the condition of our immune system in disorders which weaken or deplete our defenses such as cancer and chronic infections.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE IV, H2O2: Di hydrogen dioxide is a colorless odorless liquid. It is soluble in water, nature produces it in small amounts in rain and snow. The activity in the blood depends upon the contents of the enzymes catalase and peroxidase which mediate the release of oxygen and water from it into the blood.

Humans have enough of both enzymes in the blood cells and plasma, and inside the cells. The release of oxygen occurs  both in the blood and within the cells. Di hydrogen peroxide stimulates production of interferon from natural killer cells and monocytes in our immune system to help us fight infections.

Forty five minutes after di hydrogen dioxide IV the increased oxygenation of tissues occurs according to research by Dr. Charles Farr. Like ozone IV, dihydrogen dioxide (hydrogen peroxide) also increases the color and oxygen content of our blood to a redder, brighter color more similar to arterial blood. Besides increased oxygenation , it is also an oxidizer which neutralizes toxins and fatty plague inside blood vessels. It also directly arms our natural killer cells to better kill bacteria, viruses and yeast, parasites invaders, which make H2O2 from water and oxygen if no H2O2 is available.

The main effects are immune-stimulant, immune regulator, detoxicator, oxygenator, fatty plaque oxidizer. These actions translate into its main uses to help the immune system control infectious, regulate itself in auto immune diseases, or blood cleaner and detoxidfier and as a cancer fighter. Cancer cells dislike and can no live in an oxygen rich environment. As an oxidizer of accumulated lipids it also helps clean plaque from the arteries. As an oxygenator it also helps ailing organs like hearts, brains, kidneys starved for oxygen.

Side effects of IV dihydrogen dioxide include inflammation of the receiving vein, which will be decreased, if it happens, by the application of ice over the site and by using the largest vein available in the arm. Detoxification reactions such as headache, aches, chills, nausea, loose stools may also occur as infectious agents are being killed or toxins neutralized and brought forth for excretion. They are temporary if they occur and indicate that the treatment is taking effect.

Length of treatment depends on severity and chronicity (how long ago did the problem started).It may range from 2 to 3 IV’s per day for a few days in acute infectious, to 20, 50 or 100 IV’s done once, twice or three times weekly in chronic disease