Clinica Avant is a Naturopathic Medical Center that offers a Naturopathic Eclectic and Integrative approach to the individualized treatment of patients with acute and chronic disorders.

We treat patients from 2 to 120 years old.

For diagnosis, we at Clinica Avant employ regular blood test and images such as X Rays, Ultrasounds and MRI’s. We treat both the symptoms and the origins of disease. We employ most of the Naturopathic therapies and modalities which are of slower onset and gentler to the body because they work with the body not against it.

For a minor percentage of our patients we can also use pharmacotherapy, especially for acute disorders and for a short time while we give time to Naturopathic treatments to begin working on the causes of disease.

At Clinica Avant our goal is to help our patients take control of their own health and to develop a partnership to guide and educate them on health, nutrition medicine and lifestyle to achieve their best health and well being.

For patients who still do not know what Naturopathic medicine is we refer them to the following link: