Susie Wong – Friend of Ozone

In July I was coaching YMCA volleyball & playing football on the beach. In August I was in the ER with pain & swelling in my lower extremities from my feet to my thighs. Within two weeks it had spread into my hands, wrists, elbows then my jaw. I could no longer move or function without extreme pain. Six treatments of Acupuncture did minimal to nothing. A six day steroid pack took it all away until the seventh day when all the symptoms returned. A second steroid pack gave me freedom once again until the seventh day just like before. Six weeks later the Rheumatologist diagnosed me with an aggressive case of Rheumatoid Arthritis followed by two prescriptions; Prednisone (steroids) & Methotrexate (chemo in a pill). I had learned when taken long term these medications would do more harm than good; and RA is guaranteed long term.

I was convinced by my daughters to seek a safer alternative method of treatment called Ozone Therapy and keep the pharmaceutical drug dangers out of my body. I began researching Ozone Therapy on the internet and found Dr. Callejas. We had spoken almost an hour on the telephone as he answered all of my questions with patience & compassion.

I began Ozone treatments on November 3rd 2010 and receive three treatments a week plus one Chelation. To date, I am 14 days free of steroids, pain free & able to perform daily activities without any struggles. I have even begun light jogging again because of the Ozone working with me not against me.

Before Ozone I was useless, lifeless and depressed as it would take my body up to 8 hours to gain any flexibility & movement. After Ozone I am able to move within seconds and feel great!

Thank you Dr. Callejas & thank you Ozone.