8. How do I know which approach would be better for me?

Most diseases are multi-factorial, so we need to look at many different factors such as lifestyle, genetics, your priorities, chronicity, ethnic group, severity, symptoms, age, gender, mental attitude, willingness to recover, culture, socio economics, self esteem, vital force, emotional status, etc. We all have our own story, from the president to the person doing the chores. We are all equally deserving in the eyes of the Universe.

9. Do you take insurance?

Presently at Clinica Avant we are not set up to take insurance. In the future if the medical system in the US decides to incorporate Naturopathic Medicine into the mainstream like Alaska,  China, Japan, Germany and South America do then we will consider making the changes necessary to take insurances. Currently in the present health care reform there is not much resembling naturopathic medicine. Individual persons and groups can contact those in power and their insurances directly and ask them to include naturopathic medicine for everybody.

If you have more questions just write to us or call us at 602-279-4334.

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