Dr. Yezid Alberto Callejas

Dr. Yezid Alberto Callejas is bilingual in English and Spanish. He was trained and worked for a number of years in the electric- electronic industrial control circuitry field. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. He received his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.

One of Dr. Callejas’ hobbies is the care and organic cultivation of medicinal and edible herbs and trees. A lifetime hobby of Dr. Callejas’ has been reading, which he does every day to further understand the functioning of the human being in health and disease.

Clara S. Arenas

She has a degree in education and in Physical Therapy. She worked in Florida as a Physical Therapist for about 10 years. Clara is bilingual in English and Spanish. She taught at the Physical Therapy program at a University. At present time she co-owns a company (Avante Seminar) dedicated to the development of the human potential in the emotional, spiritual, physical and financial areas. www.avanteseminar.com

Teaching is her passion. She also loves to read and uses an educational strategy to help people achieve their goals.